Sun City Musicmakers

Under the direction of newly appointed Musical Director Dennis Gazso, The Sun City Musicmakers will be performing a holiday event that is sure to be quite the festive treat. I will also be doing my first solo piano performance in over forty years. Can you say ‘nervous’? Major butterflies here which I’m sure will be much worse by the time of the concert. But, I’m looking forward to it.
I’ve been the accompanist for the Musicmakers for about two years now and this group is super talented. Their dedication is something to behold. They work extremely hard. The rehearsals at times have been grueling for them but they don’t seem to mind at all. I’d bet that after this performance,  their membership is sure to increase. Under Mr. Gazso’s direction, The Musicmakers musical growth has been nothing short of amazing. And they have responded beautifully as you’ll see this weekend.
Mr. Gazso’s dedication and his obvious enjoyment for what he does is extremely inspiring. You can’t help but respond positively to his every request. And the result (which you’ll hear this weekend) is awe-inspiring. The sound he produced of this chorale group is beautiful. To sing a capella is no small or easy task,  but Mr. Gaso has made it so. Beautiful and full sound. I think even he is amazed!

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